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    rotblitz (Edited )

    You misunderstood the purpose of the service.  OpenDNS is a recursive DNS service, handling DNS requests from within your network.  It is in no way related to remote access from outside into your network.

    You need an authoritative DNS (hosting) service for remote access which provides you with a hostname to be used for connecting.  Here is a list containing such services:

    You also misunderstood remote access.  You never register a LAN IP address with such a service, just your public IP address counts.

    Same you cannot register a private (LAN) IP address with OpenDNS.  And OpenDNS do not provide a public IP address for any such purpose, same as DNS hosting services do not too.  Either way, it is your public IP address which counts.

    As long as you did not configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses, the Updater is irrelevant and may just throw error messages...

    "already sent a different post"  -  I cannot see any...

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