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    Block the search engines category.

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    whenever i try to sign in into the parental control it displays like this (there is another open dns account user with this) i don't know how to solve this issue..please help me with this.i wanna block sites from my router(Netgear) but i'm not able to do so

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    Thanks rotblitz- I've tried that before, and there are two problems. 1. I think ixquick is such an obscure search engine that it isn't picked up by the search engine blocker. 2. Even though I've white listed Google and Yahoo they still get picked up by the search engine block, part of the time. I have this issue with another site on my white list.

    Maazq7- I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about. Log into your router first. If you don't know how to do that Google search "Logging into netgear router." When you go to access parental controls it will take you to a different website.

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    rotblitz (Edited )


    Too bad that Netgear LPC doesn't come with stats and logs, unlike OpenDNS Home.  You may want to install a sniffer like or to temporarily use OpenDNS Home instead of LPC to see what you need to do to achieve the following:

    To block Ixquick more efficiently, you visit your OpenDNS Home domain stats or use a sniffer to see what other Ixquick domains need to be blocked.

    Regarding whitelisting of Google and Yahoo and others, you visit your blocked domains stats at or use a sniffer to see the domains which still need to be whitelisted.



    Can you please open your own thread, possibly with a supporting screen shot to show what you mean?  Your message seems to be highly unrelated with this topic.  Also, use the forum search function to look for your problem.  I believe that this has been reported before.
    For example:

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