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    The DNSv6 addresses I'm seeing are not OpenDNS FamilyShield.  You must configure the following IPv6 FamilyShield resolver addresses in the router's or computer's IPv6 settings:
    ::ffff:d043:de7b   ::ffff:d043:dc7b

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Edit: Strange that your last message disappeared.  But I have read it and here is my response:

    "Web research on the router leads me to believe it's IPv6 settings cannot be tampered with."

    I'm baffled!  I have checked your user manual, but it was not really helpful.
    Did you say that the router offers fields for editing DNSv6 server addresses, but these cannot be edited?  Or is your screen shot for the IPv4 settings?  If the latter, then of course you cannot enter IPv6 addresses into IPv4 address fields.

    "*** Zeitüberschreitung bei Anforderung an UnKnown."

    This timeout indicates that you didn't have any DNS at all, i.e. an external DNS server could not be reached via IPv6, or your router does not orderly translate IPv6 to IPv4 (which is mandatory for this DNSv6 address).

    "*** wurde von speedport.ip nicht gefunden: Non-existent domain"

    This indicates that your router didn't forward your DNS query to OpenDNS, but to another DNS service.

    In case you do not really need IPv6 connectivity, I suggest you disable IPv6, ideally on the router if you can.

    Not sure why it doesn't work via IPv4, it may be a router glitch or something else.  If you want, you may post the outputs also of the following diagnostic commands, so that I get a better insight in what's going on.  You better do not hide information, else I have limited opportunities only.

    nslookup -type=txt
    nslookup dns1.speedport.ip.
    nslookup dns2.speedport.ip.


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    Your message disappeared again.  Are they in "pending approval"?  Regardless, I got your message via e-mail.

    My best suggestion is to get rid of this router.  Better get something like a FRITZ!Box from AVM where you can easily use any 3rd party DNS services, also OpenDNS FamilyShield with IPv4 and IPv6 by entering the related addresses from above.

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