Crypto Exchange/Mining/News ("Crypto") Category - Please?



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    rotblitz (Edited )

    You're a bit late.  Somebody else was quicker.

    You also didn't vote up your own idea.  Votes are all which count.

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    Not Quite.

    That deals specifically with mining, which is easy enough to prevent without using DNS. I can use Github and my ASA to prevent against mining, as well as my in perimeter defenses.

    I am more concerned about exchange sites, and cypto "News" , as well as sites pertaining to Crypto ICOs etc. These are littered with malware, and there are 100s of sites cropping up daily with "tips" etc, as well as a plethora of "crypto Exchanges"

    I guess my request is more related to users who want to trade and research crypto on my network, not those who want to mine.

    Blocking Mining would be useful too, but it isn't my sole aim,



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    Perhaps more universal would be like a "scam" category?  "Get rich quick" wouldn't be NPOV enough, and Financial Services is too NPOV.  Even "scam" would offend many who would assume the term necessarily involves illegal activities.  But "crypto" is not only too niche, but also a fad that will disappear.  I know people say it's here to stay, but for what it's worth it's only really been here for 4 months--they still say 90% of virtual currency is owned by people who have owned it for more than 5 years, so this thing we see in the news is just a huge spike in a very small pie. 

    Of course I won't ask more about your use case, but in my mind you are running a special ed residential center!  Because I don't know if high school kids are looking to invest, and I don't know if any college would block that which is not illegal or a scam.  So we're left with who simply shouldn't be allowed on the stock market because they'll get taken advantage of...   Maybe a senior residential center?  This question is valid because it indicates to us what you're looking to do--again without asking you to divulge any details.

    So my main question is what category kinda' serves a similar purpose; or, if a category were to be created, how to we ensure a tipping point of submissions and future-proof against virtual currencies going away as fast as they came?  (Meaning the IRS could finally declare that, no exceptions, brokers have to give 1099s because virtual currencies are investments and not actual currencies, and that would crash the market in one day as the money laundering base went away.  Maybe the market itself would still exist forever, but the traffic from amateurs would disappear within days.)

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    If the sites are littered with malware, won't selecting the malware option prevent them from displaying when visited? 

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    The domains must first be categorized as such.  They would be blocked with Umbrella, not with OpenDNS Home which does not have such a malware protection currently.

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    this is a subset of adblocking.  Umbrella once offered adblocking category.

    blocking would have been better with opendns resolving ad FQDN to a user specified IP address to a webhost serving something or garbag as opposed to null route or NX

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