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    Robert (Edited )

    I don't know if there's another way to get to it, but if you go to a domain you've submitted, click on your name.  If you've only voted on it, you'll have to click on the tiny "See who voted on this domain" link at the bottom of the domain submission/voting area of the page.

    This takes you to your user profile and is where it would show your recent submissions/votes.  Sadly, it only included the "Last 5 domains submitted" and your last 5 domain votes.  Now, mine shows nothing under the "Last 5 domains submitted" and the last 5 domain votes section is gone, but others do - I wonder if one of the domains I submitted broke it.  I might have to wait until I've submitted 5 more to push any issue off the list.

    Yes, it would be nice to be able to see all the domains you've submitted and voted on and filter/sort them by type, date, etc.

    (EDIT:  I see you've referred to yours in your OpenDNS Display Names & Inactive Accounts – OpenDNS post ... it looks broken as well.  The page stops loading content at the same point as mine does:  "<td><a class="icon-details" title="Details for" href="https://domain." though mine is currently a different domain that it stops at, so maybe there's some other issue.  Picking one I found on - OpenDNS Community > xucifer is broken as well, but going down a couple to I see lilux has no domains submitted and the page completes.  I've found some others, but so far, it's consistent - the page stops for users with any domains submitted (2, 5, ...) but for users with none submitted, the page loads completely.)

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