OpenDNS Display Names & Inactive Accounts


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    I don't think that's a good idea.  If all display names were truly display names as in "Last/Surname, First/Given-name" or something like that, it'd be a different story.  Since the names here are unique usernames, I don't think that's a good idea.  If someone is around for a long time and the account has submitted / voted on many domains, made many posts, etc., they've likely established some credibility and for another account to be able to take over that name is not a good idea.  If the display/usernames were something more like "2013-Robert" and "2023-rzngfpexav" where something like a member-since year were forced into it automatically, and/or other such restrictions, to provide some built-in uniqueness, then that would allow for reuse of a part of that display/username by waiting until a new year to join, but at that point, I think your question wouldn't even have come up because to ask to change from 2023-rzngfpexav to 2019-Robert would be against the automatic-naming rules, but if there were no "Robert" yet for 2023, you could get "2023-Robert" when you joined.  It's a silly example, but I'm just trying to think how it could work.

    I could maybe agree with it if the condition were that the account's display/username had never been used to submit or vote on a domain/post, but then why was the account here to begin with, unless it was solely here to capture that display/username?


    What's your reason for wanting to capture someone's existing name and how do you know it has been inactive.  Just because they don't post/submit/vote doesn't mean they don't use it for their OpenDNS account.

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