No eligible dynamic ip networks



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    "Sorry, you have no eligible dynamic ip networks. Go to your dashboard to set one up."

    This message refers to your dashboard network at
    Did you enter a LABEL for your network there?  You should!  You can use anything, e.g. "home" or "mynetwork" or "sagert90", as you want.

    "Does this have something to do with the Host/Identifier name I have to fill in on the DynDNS service on the DNS-O-Matic website? There I filled in the name of the network I used on OpenDNS."

    Yes this host/identifier name is the LABEL.  At DNS-O-Matic you normally have to select from a drop-down list and not to type anything in for OpenDNS.  Do you login to DNS-O-Matic with the exact same credentials as at OpenDNS?  You must!

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    "and also the OpenDNS Updater (2.2.1) is running on my PC."

    It has been reported that this Updater doesn't work well with DNS-O-Matic.  If you face problems with the updates, you may try instead which works well with DNS-O-Matic, OpenDNS and others too.

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    Use capital letters. It seems to work for me.

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