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    Kristy Patullo

    Did you email with the following information for

    Information we need to support a new service.

    • Full name and home page URL of service.
    • Test account with the service.
      • If the service is free, and in English, we'll create a test account ourselves.
      • If the service requires payment, we'll ask for a waiver of the fee before we create a test account.
        • The account will not be be used for anything beyond testing.
    • Test domain or update key for the service.
      • Provided an account, we can add a hostname ourselves. If you want to provide a hostname or key for our testing, it's appreciated.
    • Technical details.
      • Please share the URL of the update API or parameters, examples, and anything else which will help us add the service.

    Language noteDNS-O-Matic will support services in languages other than English, but we'll need extra translation help.

    You can also find this info here:

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    Hello Kristy,

    i used the contact form as described in the wiki. The owner and another user of the duckdns did too, but they also didn t get an answer since April 2014. Maybe your contact form ist not working?

    I´ll write an email.

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    Apparently, they have tried twice to add their service to DNS-O-Matic...

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