Your IP ( does not match the one you are trying to verify.



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    Right now it doesn't look like there's anything you can do since it's not anything you did, or a problem with any of your equipment or software. This appears to be a misconfiguration on OpenDNS part that started sometime this evening where the part of the system that is used to register new networks or to update the addresses is reporting that everything is coming from, which appears to be an address registered to OpenDNS.

    If your address has not actually changed OpenDNS will continue working for you, however if you need to register a new network or update your address it appears that you'll be unsuccessful until OpenDNS resolves whatever the issue is.

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    According to the service has been restored.

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    Same problem as above. IP address is 175. versus 173. in email.

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Yes, this can happen with some ISPs.

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