Contetfilter kicks in minutes delayed after router is switched on ?


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    This router normally sends out updates nearly in real-time, as soon as connectivity to the internet becomes available and as soon as the IP address has changed. But propagation through DNS-O-Matic and OpenDNS' distributed network may take a few minutes to become effective. Nevertheless, your method is already the quickest available.

    My question would merely be, why do you switch the router off and on? This is rather uncommon and unusual. Routers are thought to run all the time.

    Ok, it's up to you how you do it. Maybe configuring the router with the OpenDNS FamilyShield resolver addresses would be an option to cover your unusual switch off/switch on scenario.

    Also, alternative firmwares like Freetz may well support OpenDNS directly, so updates would be even quicker instead of going through DNS-O-Matic.

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