Why is my OpenDNS IP address not the router WAN IP?


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    It is essential that you have the IP address registered at your dashboard which OpenDNS sees from your DNS lookups.

    nslookup myip.opendns.com.
    reveals this IP address, no matter what your router or any website says.

    "my router believes my WAN IP is something like 100......"

    Isn't it rather 10.x.x.x ?  This would be a private IP address, not usable over the public internet.

    "I can ping that and get an answer."

    Ping?  Ping is good for nothing in this context.  If doesn't prove anything and doesn't refute anything.  It just shows that a device with an IP address responds to ICMP echo requests.  Not a good base to judge on the ownership of an IP address...

    "Why is there a mismatch"

    If it's not because of a private IP address assigned by your ISP (which is a kind of proxy), then it may be because of a proxy in use by your ISP:

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