Problem with my Verizon ActionTec MI424WR



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    "I cannot ping it from my pc."

    Forget about ping. This is of no use in your context.  You must use dig, nslookup, host and the likes to troubleshoot DNS problems.

    "I am fairly certain that I am not actually using OpenDNS."

    What message does show up with?

    "when I try to browse some I cannot get to the website... The dashboard states that the domain resolved normally"

    This doesn't indicate a DNS problem, but a HTTP problem.  You may post the complete plain text output of the following commands nevertheless:

    where is the domain name of a site you're having trouble to reach.

    nslookup -type=txt

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    So http:\\ shows the big checkmark so I see that I am using opendns.  That is good.  I think I just found out that the website that I am looking for is actually down, so thanks for your help anyway!


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