Configure OpenDNS at modem or router level?



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    It doesn't matter where you configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses as long as it works.  Simply try it out.

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    I have an similar setup with Arris modem (where dns cannot be configured) and Asus router (where dns can be configured).  I followed directions and get the Oops message.  I've checked everything numerous time but still doesn't work. Any ideas? 

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    Post the complete plain text output of the following diagnostic command:

       nslookup -type=txt

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    Wow, that's for responding.  Here is the output:

    'nslookup-type' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    C:\Users\user>nslookup -type=txt

    Non-authoritative answer:       text =

            "server 5.dfw"       text =

            "flags 20 0 2F6 0"       text =

            "originid 26646229"       text =

            "actype 2"       text =

            "bundle 6893915"       text =


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    You're using the Dallas OpenDNS data center, and your IP address is registered with dashboard network ID 26646229 which is hopefully yours.  You have configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the LAN/DHCP side of the router, so that they are propagated to all devices, or you have set your Windows computer manually to use OpenDNS.

    Therefore everything looks fine.  You shouldn't get the Oops message if you flushed your caches before.


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    Alexander Harrison

    To follow up, are you getting an oops at There is another test at which is currently experiencing some issues and incorrectly reporting not using OpenDNS. Based on the above result, it looks like you are using OpenDNS at the moment and that is your account information being returned. 

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