OpenDNS blocking ISP login page


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    "Is there any way to tell D-link router to not to ask for domain name resolution for certain addresses"

    This is the wrong forum to ask this question, especially as you do not mention the exact model and do not link to an online manual.  You had to raise this in a D-Link specific forum or to raise it with D-Link support.

    "I edited host file on windows and by far that works, but what if I try to access login page from my android phone"

    Your approach with adding these private (ISP) domains to your local hosts file was right.  Also Android has a hosts file, but you must root the device to get to it.  Same for iOS where the device must be jailbroken.  All Windows, Mac OSX and Linux distros have a hosts file too anyway.

    "I tried static routing but couldn't set it properly"

    Configuring a persistent route is not an option in this context.  DNS is not about routing and connectivity, but about name resolution.

    The only alternative to the hosts file solution is to operate an own (internal) DNS server or a proxy server where you can configure private domains.

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