Why would my router be set up for port forwarding?


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    Portforwarding rules are for inbound traffic, to go from the internet to certain devices on your network over dedicated ports.  And yes, the game you mention and other certain games need this port forwarding to function.

    However, this port forwarding for incoming traffic has nothing to do with DNS which is outgoing traffic.  OpenDNS not functioning consistently and reliably has different reasons like:

    • You have other resolver addresses configured beside the OpenDNS resolver addresses.
      The solution is to eliminate any other non-OpenDNS resolver addresses.
    • You have IPv6 connectivity enabled in your network.  OpenDNS works with IPv4 connectivity only.
      The solution is to disable IPv6 connectivity on your network, on the router or on the devices.
    • Your dynamic IPv4 address is not always registered with your dashboard network at https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/
      Ensure that you have an Updater running and working correctly.

    "Could that be something that is causing Open DNS to stop working?"  -  Clearly, no.  Portforwarding rules do not have impact on your DNS.

    "Would port forwarding be allowing them to play in spite of it being blacklisted?"

    This depends on how the game works.  It it fully relies on DNS, then they would not be able to play it.  But if it uses also direct IP addressing (without DNS name resolution), then it cannot be blocked by OpenDNS alone.

    "Can I safely delete these port forwarding rules?"

    Nothing is safe at the end.  The following ports and port ranges are to be forwarded for LoL to work:

    • 5000 - 5500 UDP - League of Legends Game Client
    • 8393 - 8400 TCP - Patcher and Maestro
    • 2099 TCP - PVP.Net
    • 5223 TCP - PVP.Net
    • 5222 TCP - PVP.Net
    • 80 TCP - HTTP Connections
    • 443 TCP - HTTPS Connections

    I wonder why you have only three port forwarding rules on your router.  If your rules are about these ports, then they are most likely set up to play LoL unless you reach your network from outside also for other purposes.  If the rules are for LoL only, and you want to stop playing it, then you can delete the portforwarding rules.

    But if your router has UPnP enabled, the game clients in your network will reopen the ports again as needed.  Therefore you also had to disable UPnP on your router to make it permanent.

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