OpenDNS support in Cisco WRVS4400N router?


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    "I find this rather strange, as OpenDNS's parent company is actually Cisco!"

    There's nothing strange!  See here:

    End-of-Sale Date: End-of-Support Date:
    06-NOV-2012 Details
    07-NOV-2017 Details

    End of sale date was years before Cisco acquired OpenDNS last year.  And this also means there is no more development for this device since 2012.

    "Do you know if there's some way to get OpenDNS to work on the WRVS4400N (as opposed to installing the ddns client in a computer behind the router)?"

    To get OpenDNS to work you configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the device.  That is all you do to get OpenDNS to work.

    Keeping your IP address information updated at OpenDNS is another topic, most likely not doable with this device, and not mandatory to get OpenDNS to work.  You need it only if you want to use the enhanced features beyond recursive DNS, as presented by the dashboard, and if you have a dynamic IP address.

    "I'm trying to set up a VPN on my Cisco WRVS4400N router"

    This again is totally unrelated to OpenDNS.  Not sure why you mention this at all. 
    However, you should be aware that you're normally not using OpenDNS when connecting through a VPN, neither incoming nor outgoing.  In case of incoming you will be using the remote client's configured DNS service, and for outgoing you'll be using the DNS service configured at the remote end of the VPN.

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