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    Brian Hartvigsen

    I've moved this to the IdeaBank.

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    I think that it will be a good point. :)

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    I think it would be great to have both DNS Updater and DNS Crypt working together on the same software.

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    i love this

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    Unlikely to happen. These are totally different services.


    1) DNSCrypt has a plugin (opendns-set-client-ip) that let you set the IP address used by OpenDNS servers. You can use it to always use the IP you registered, as an alternative to running the DNS updater.

    2) If you are running DNSCrypt on your router, it is likely to already support OpenDNS IP updates. For example, in Tomato Shibby, this can be enabled in the administration interface by clicking "Basic", then "DDNS", then selecting "OpenDNS" has a DDNS service. If you are running DNSCrypt, do NOT check the box that says "Use as DNS".

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    I think this would be a great idea.

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    This is confusion for the layperson.  Make it one deal.  Also support on router config would be nice.

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    How is it confusing for the layperson? This an actual question, not a put down, I really would like to know what is confusing to you. To me it's two different pieces of software doing completely different, albeit potentially complementary, things.

    What kind of support on the router config are you looking for? It's been a while since I looked to see what exactly is there, but OpenDNS does have some good pages on setting up individual computers or routers to use OpenDNS. For the routers it's more along the lines of stating in general what you want to do, and using a few common routers as an example, but there are many, many different routers out there with many different interfaces and it would be next to impossible to provide detailed step by step instructions for each one of them.

    Getting back to the request for combining DNSUpdate and DNSCrypt in one piece of software, what is the reason for wanting this. Is it so that you only have to install one piece of software, and only go to one place to configure things?

    Aside from the fact that not everyone is going to want to use DNSCrypt (for a number of different reasons), there are some fundamental differences between the software, how they work, and what they do.

    First, DNSUpdater (or something accomplishing the same thing) only needs to be installed and running on one device in your local network to provide the IP updates to OpenDNS. That could be a single PC or Mac, or perhaps even the router. There is no need to have every device in your network doing this task, and in fact it could actually cause problems if you installed a combined DNSUpdate/DNSCrypt on every machine and all of them were trying to update OpenDNS's servers at the same time.

    Secondly, not everyone needs to run DNSUpdater since they could have a static IP address or wish to do the updates manually. If they want to use DNSCrypt but not DNSUpdater they'd need DNSCrypt software that doesn't combine DNSUpdateer with it. Conversely, if they want to use DNSUpdater without DNSCrypt they'd need separate DNSUpdater software.

    Third, unless you are running some sort of DNSCrypt proxy (and I'm not sure if one even exists), or an internal DNS server that handles all external lookups, DNSCRypt will need to be installed on every device that needs this functionality, but as mentioned in the first point, they'd then need DNSCRypt only software for all of the computers that aren't doing the DNSUpdater function.

    Basically, 3 pieces of software would be required to do 2 entirely different tasks. Separate software for DSNCrypt and DNSUpdater for the many instances where you want the software to do just one of those tasks, and then a third piece of software that jury rigs the completely different things into the same thing. That would create a lot of headaches and additional testing for OpenDNS staff, and I just can't see the advantage to OpenDNS or their users in combining the different functions. Is there something that I'm missing here that would alleviate the headahces and complications of having to maintain 3 different pieces of software to do 2 different tasks?

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    took the words right out of my mouth i just spent a while wondering why when i turned on the crypt my dns would go back to my default...


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