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    Not sure why you propose this hosts file for the purpose. There are hundreds of such hosts files around in the 'net, and I can't really see a particular reason to favorize especially this. And further, full malware blocking comes with the Enterprise version only.

    Btw, most of those domain names may be blocked already anyway with the one or other category. If not, feel free to submit them:

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    We have a great research team at the Umbrella Security Labs combined with information from our Domain Tagging and Security Community we are able to offer robust protection against known malware threats.  The Research Team takes in a lot of information from different sources to make sure we are blocking threats that are out there.  That said, the Internet Scale Malware/Botnet Protection is only a subset of our data, blocking the worst of the worst.  Protection against the full data set is available to businesses that subscribe to our Umbrella packages.

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