Block illegal sites

Not planned



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    And, what is your question or suggestion? Simply block those categories and domains as needed.

    The category candidates to be selected for blocking would be:

    • Academic Fraud
    • Drugs
    • Hate/Discrimination
    • P2P/File Sharing
    • Tasteless
    • Web Spam
    • maybe more, as you think
    • Phishing (is blocked by default anyway)
    • Botnet (is blocked by default anyway)
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    You can suggest new categories at the bottom of this page:

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    At this time there is no plan for an "Illegal Sites" category as it is simply too broad.  As mentioned by rotblitz, we make a number of categories available to you that allow you to control what is and isn't available on your network.  If you feel we are missing a specific category please provide details on what category you would like to see and why by using the "Suggest a new category" form at .

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