Identify "unclassified domains" in Dashboard Stats



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    Good idea! I have voted for it. Just a comment about:

    "there is no ready way to distinguish unclassified domains..."

    There is. You click the domain and then click "block similar domains", and it will come up with the related categories. Not very convenient, but possible.

    Another way is to create a bookmarklet to call which shows the categorization for a domain.

    "...among the hundreds (thousands?) of sites appearing in our stats."

    Really? So much traffic? Could it be that you haven't DNS prefetching disabled in the browsers? You should!

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    884 domains were logged yesterday (with one user out of town). Prefetch is disabled on my personal systems, and there are several android devices that have a mind of their own... as well as a dvr, game consoles, dvd player that do what they do... With that many entries, clicking each domain twice to check its classification is a bit arduous, so a quick visual could be helpful.

    It would also cue the user to submit domains not already in the system, strengthening the power of OpenDNS.

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    i agree with cervezafria: color coding would help as many of us have probably no less than 6 or 8 devices connected at one time.

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    Me too.  This would also help improve the OpenDNS database as people are flagged to vote on these highlighted unclassified domains.

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