global install of OpenDNS Updater

Not planned



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    The OpenDNS Updater is not foreseen to run user independent and is easily be handled only via an admin account..

    If you want a quick solution, use Marc's Updater instead:

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    Thanks rotblitz, you have helped my understanding of the service.

    As I do not have any internet presence (website, etc) I'll uninstall it, as it seems I actually don't need it.


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    Brian Hartvigsen

    As noted by rotblitz, the updater is designed for standard home use where it's unlikely there are multiple user accounts.  As such the updater runs in user space, not as a system service.  Marc's Updater or any number of other updaters that support the DynDNS Dynamic DNS Update Protocol will work to update OpenDNS.

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