P2P: Two categories, one category for sites explicitly facilitating illegal P2P.

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    "First, it appears the forums have shrunk significantly."

    No, this is a new forum, the old forum is now read-only: https://forums.opendns.com/

    "I need to block "Illegal" P2P sites, while not blocking legitimate P2P sites."

    From my standpoint it's not possible to clearly differenciate between legitimate and illegal P2P sites. It's more an individual decision instead of common sense.

    In principle you have two options with OpenDNS:

    1. Either block the P2P category and add a few domains to your "never block" list.
    2. Or allow the P2P category and add a few domains to your "always block" list.

    If you want much more granularity, then it would be best to run an internal proxy server or utilize other local methods which also would be able to successfully block traffic based on port or IP address, also VPN and TOR. You can block most webproxies with OpenDNS.

    You can suggest new categories at the bottom of http://community.opendns.com/domaintagging/categories

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    I have a PacketShaper also filtering this network.  According to everyone I talk to, this device is top of the line for blocking P2P traffic.   While it works, It's not perfect.  I still receive hundreds of DMCA notices from Media Sentry and others.   Adding a third service to the mix is not desirable.


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    I am just a home user using parental controls which also offers blacklisting sites. However, the maximum number of sites I can blacklist is 25. How can I increase the quota? When speaking to a customer service representative three times, it seems they have not a clue as to what I am requesting. Also, any ideas on adding more than one network? Same issue as above when speaking to customer service representative.

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    We users like you clearly can't help you either. Best is to open a support ticket with your requests.

    And even if you're "just a home user" doesn't give you the right to steal other persons' thread. Better open a new one next time. This thread was about P2P/File Sharing, not about the blacklist or number of networks. :(

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    @goin2bigdovernetlies... Please don't hijack this thread... Your concern has nothing to do with P2P... Open your own thread.

    BTW, if you searched the forums, you'd find a similar conversation here:


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    Brian Hartvigsen

    Separating the P2P category is not an easily accomplished tasks.  Even sites like The Pirate Bay host torrents that were purposely uploaded by the content creators to get their work out into the mainstream.  As such it becomes more a question of what do you wish to allow on your network.  If you only want to allow specific P2P traffic or websites, the best action is to block the category and whitelist the ones that you believe are okay.

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