Add a Canada server




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    Or another bigger Canadian company like Bell Canada.

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    Patrick Colford


    We actually just turned up our Toronto datacenter yesterday! If you have any problems, or believe you're not being routed correctly, please open up a support ticket. We hope that this is the first Canadian datacenter, and we encourage our friends and customers in the Great White North to be on the lookout for increased capacity in the future.

    Best regards,

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    Permanently deleted user

    Awesome Thanks I notice the speed boost and I now ping opendns severs at 10-1 ms now thanks I recommend this service to everyone I know.

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    Matt Prytuluk

    Thanks for the feedback Jeffrey.  But, it gets better-- we just turned up a Vancouver datacenter too.  Head over to  to check out the status of any of our global data centers. 

    Oh Canada!

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