Multiple OpenDNS profile for Parental Control




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    Unless each of your users has a distinct external IP OpenDNS is not able to distinguish between machines on your network. If you simply want some of your systems filtered, and others unfiltered, that can be easily configured through many family routers.

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    "OpenDNS should offer an online proxy service with multiple user account and time schedule."

    It doesn't make sense to request something which is there already: Umbrella

    You won't get this for the free home version.

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    And there is also OpenDNS' LPC with Netgear routers which exactly offers this: content filtering per user (Windows and Mac) and time scheduling.

    Why are you requesting it nevertheless?

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    As mentioned by rotblitz this is already available for home users via Live Parental Controls.

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