Implement Hosts file-like bulk blocking



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    This idea was already proposed in the old idea bank (no longer accessible) and refused by OpenDNS.

    I manage such a hosts file which has more than 200,000 entries, and this is already minimized. And this may be the reason they don't want it. It would be a ressource killer. Another reason is that many people would not subscribe to the paid services anymore which have more entries for blacklists and whitelists.

    You may consider to do bulk domain tagging submission instead:

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    If you use dnscrypt, there is a plugin to do that: example-ldns-blocking

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    "Since any Windows system that has Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials cannot use hosts file blocking safely,"

    Not only is that inaccurate, but it's really ironically worded. First, it is quite easy to tell WD (or MSE) to ignore the HOSTS file (problem solved). Second, WD (or MSE) poses a security threat in that its functionality ranks well below other security tools (including "free tools"), that you are putting your systems at risk (see AV Comparatives).

    Google "hostsman". 

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    @cervezafria: Fully unhelpful, given the parameters I laid out & have to accept right now.  I must use MSSE, but also need to have it protect the HOSTS file.

    @jedisct1: First of all, thanks for all your work....  According to the rest of the forum, DNSCrypt is your baby! =)

    Thanks for this tip....  But I can't find docs on how to set it up?  I've (presumably) got the plugin activated via

    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\dns-crypt-proxy\Parameters -> PlugIns [MultiString]="[%ProgramFiles%\path redacted]\libdcplugin_example_ldns_blocking.dll"

    but can find no info on what to do next?

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    @t.p.s.   Glad to be of help. Fine, continue to use MSE. That presents no problem for HostsMan — and you control what goes into the HOSTS file...

    "I must use MSSE"  ...sorry to hear that.

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