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    "what if one of the parents has the gambling, porn, or whatever problem?"

    Then (s)he must seek for professional help, of course.  Technology and some additional OpenDNS tweaks can help here in no way. not at all.

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    @rotblitz : Sigh... 

    Consider you are the one in need of professional help.  I do not say that lightly, nor as your enemy.  I say that as someone who is committing himself to helping you achieve a happier experience of life.

    Consider that your default way of being is to reply from a place of fear, though you are consciously blind to this and it is well hidden from you.

    Consider that whenever you choose to disparage another to feel superior, right, justified, or in control it's because you fear being inferior, wrong, helpless or simply "not good enough."  The roots back to your childhood, but consider you've felt this way for a very long time.  I am truly sympathetic toward your plight.

    Because you subconsciously believe yourself to be inferior, you must compensate for this by making others inferior (in your own mind) so that you get the payoff of feeling superior (at least in the moment.)  Of course the feeling is fleeting and soon subsides, so you must again find opportunities to repeat the cycle.

    This often occurs for you by making invidious comparisons, that is to say you compare your greatest strengths to the weaknesses of others and declare yourself the victor.

    Consider if you truly were content and confident with who you are, and truly complete with your past, that you would no longer have the need nor desire to disparage others.  Rather you would desire to uplift, encourage, and truly be a positive benefit to your fellow men.

    What you are consciously blind to is that there is always a cost to such ways of being.  By choosing the easy payoff, this will cost you affinity, love, joy, peace and quality relationships.  So you may get to be right in your own mind, but taken to the extreme you get to die alone--- as no one will desire to commit to someone such as this.

    So know that whenever you chose the payoff (being right, superior, dominating, justifying, victim), you are doing so at the expense of the cost (affinity, love, joy, peace, etc.)  One is always scarified for sake of the other.

    Now you may be tempted to tell yourself you do not care about relationships with others.  This is a well rehearsed defense used to tempt you into continuing to choose the payoff.  You are better than this and you can break free of the constraints which bind you.

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