Include the scenario of a router not having set a dynamic IP address/DHCP settings as the router IP definer



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    Nobody should change anything beside to enter the OpenDNS resolver addresses into the DNS server fields.

    "Tell people that are setting this up that they may need to specify how their router provides a network"

    Oh no!

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    If you have a DHCP that is a WLAN off of your resolver LAN then you do in fact need to change one or the other so that you actually have clients show up on your network monitor stats. 
    Anyhow, I didn't suggest difficulty in the specifying of their WLAN type, rather the opposite. It is a simple yet overlooked factor that some routers require input for the resolving network to be tandem. Oh no! they would not have stats, just a handy firewall that they could hope worked well enough.

    I commented to this to try and help; your response simply tried to defame and criminalize my two cents into what may be an occasional hiccup for users. Consider your position in this matter before reacting to my message. It might save you some face.

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