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    Nice wish, but not possible with OpenDNS, because they don't know what websites are being visited.  OpenDNS is your DNS service of your choice and knows about the DNS traffic of your network, not your web traffic.

    You can download the domain stats with a tool like
    This does not contain a "list of all domains accessed", but of all domains queried.  DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines.

    "over the past month"

    If you have a free account, only the recent 14 days of stats are available.  So you had to do it every two weeks.  OpenDNS VIP store the stats for a year.

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    I would like to download all domain stats to a windows PC. Can I do this to a CSV but get the whole range that I have selected not just the page that is showing

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    Yes, exactly this is supported by the opendns-fetchstats tool I linked to above.

    See also:

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