a domain that changes when enter is selected causes it not to be filtered


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    It seems you don't know what a "url" is...

    Whatever, if an alias (CNAME) is blocked, the real domain name is blocked too, and vice versa.  But your example has nothing to do with it.

    "Kind of like when entering espn.com, it converts to espn.go.com"

    It is not "converted" and not a CNAME, but there's a webhop from espn.com to espn.go.com.  As I said webhop, this is unrelated to DNS.  From a DNS side there is no relationship between the two domains.

    "espn.go.com (for some reason that's being blocked?)"

    Sure, if you have blocked any of Games, News/Media, Television, Sports, Portals. 

    "but when entering espn.com it wouldn't be filtered."

    It would be if you had blocked any of Games, News/Media, Television, Sports. 
    And sure it would indeed be filtered too if you reached espn.go.com via espn.com, no doubt.  In this case (of a webhop) you do not need to block espn.com, just espn.go.com.

    "I now need to figure out why espn.com and espn.go.com are being blocked?"

    Was the information above sufficient to figure this out?  It may help if you revealed the real domain names you're talking about.  It may be a totally different situation there.

    " But hopefully you can solve this issue how it's related to adult sites."

    I'm a user like you and don't solve issues at OpenDNS.  But I don't see an issue.  Please don't fix what's not broken.

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