Option to block all search engines except Bing (or higher fidelity search engine blocking).



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    Alexander Harrison

    Did you know that you can also block search engines, but selectively allow bing.com by adding the following to your whitelist:

    mm.bing.net (explicit images are on explicit.bing.net). 

    **may need live.com as well to be added

    This will block all search engines except Bing, while leaving bing explicit images blocked. 

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    Thank you I didn't realize this would work, it solves the specific Bing problem.

    For the larger problem, if OpenDNS were explicit about blocking specific major search engines, it could create a virtuous cycle where big search engines are competing to be "safe" by properly supporting filtering.  If it were known that 80% of OpenDNS users block Google, and not Bing, Google might take notice and correct theie technology to reverse this trend.  Yes, these stats are totally made up, but OpenDNS is in a position to give this a try.  This could be one of the greatest ecosystem changes OpenDNS could impact. 

    I'd bet that Google Image Search is by far the largest porn site on the planet.  Look at the number of forum entries in OpenDNS for blocking it.  I'm using Google as an example, but all the others would follow (or lead) to compete.

    Maybe I need to change the title of this "Idea" to properly describe it.

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