allow several lists of user-defined custom settings




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    Patrick Colford

    Hi there,

    As mentioned here, this is possible with our NETGEAR Live Parental Controls system, which comes with new NETGEAR routers.  

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    Thank you. Do you recommend a certain series or specific Netgear device? just thought I'd ask since you're the expert. Thanks again!

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    You can take every Netgear router supporting "Live Parental Controls powered by OpenDNS" listed at Netgear's website.

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    Is there a way to do this via the Dashboard?

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    I understand from another thread that you have OpenDNS Enterprise?  This thread is applicable for Netgear routers with LPC enabled only.  This is not compatible with Enterprise or any other OpenDNS version.

    To answer your question nevertheless, just in case:

    Yes, partially.  The LPC dashboard is at 
    Other parts can be configured using the Netgear Genie program or logging in to the Netgear router at

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    Alexander Harrison

    Per-user settings is currently available on the NETGEAR LPC device Dashboard but not the OpenDNS Dashboard. 

    Enterprise users can set up bypass users and bypass accounts to allow users to either log in or enter a code to bypass the block pages of websites you wish to allow them to visit. 

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