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    OpenDNS does not know anything about URL's, it only works with domains.

    Most webpages nowadays display content that comes from multiple domains. Sometimes it's images or videos that are part of that pages regular content, sometimes it's from an embedded youtube clip, sometimes it's from various advertisements or scripts that run on the page. How would such a plug-in or extension know which domain you want to submit? Would it just assume you want to tag the domain of the page you are on and leave it to people to manually visit the webpage to tag other domains that load on that page? Would it display any information if a domain has already been tagged and you want to agree with that tag or suggest another one?

    What about users of all the other browsers out there, such as internet explorer, opera, browser, and all the other ones I'm not thinking of right now. Would those users become second class citizens who have to do things a different way? Would OpenDNS have to have maintain a codebase on the website that supports everyone, and two additional codebases that would only reach a portion of the world, albeit a significant portion of it?

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