If a domain has been incorrectly "confirmed" in a category, allow challenges




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    Patrick Colford


    There is actually! At domain.opendns.com, you can use the "Flag for Review" link to get our moderators looking at the classification for a domain. See the attached image for an example from searching for youtube.com:


    Additionally, you can always email us at support@opendns.com to have us take a second look.

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    Too bad that we users don't have this "Invalidate Screenshot" link... :(

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    The flag for review is a slow process and needs to be improved.  If you allow voting for a tag, you should allow voting to have one removed.

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    Voting for a tag, no matter how accurate or meanspirited, does not guarantee that that will be the final categorization. A moderator still has to approve the tag(s) and finalize it.

    Opening up flags for voting for removal also opens up the process for abuse by people who don't like accurate tags applied to their domains, such as porn or some of the other undesirable ones. And even then, despite the number of votes, nothing would be automatic, a moderator would still need to approve and finalize it.

    If you disagree with how a domain is categorized, especially if you own the domain you can always open a support ticket. When that is discussed in these forums it seems to get attention, and if necessary, action, within a few days.

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