Muslims and Muhammad pictures



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    Patrick Colford


    Generally any site that specifically is made to share images of the prophet Muhammad would fall under "Religious". I don't believe there are enough sites devoted specifically to the purpose of sharing these images, and it probably doesn't need a separate category to differentiate it.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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    "Apparently Islam says you should not make images of the prophet."

    But this "you" is aimed at Muslims only, right?  And this doesn't apply to prophet pictures only, but in general you'll not find pictures in the art of the Islamic world, just abstract ornaments.  I would not be aware that this policy applies to the human race as a whole, and the Islam does not foresee to govern non-Muslims in any way regarding the image matter.
    And most other cultures do not forbid pictures of anything.

    Beside that such sites can fall under "Religious", they can fall also under "Hate/Discrimination", "Tasteless", "Humor", "Photo Sharing" and "Visual Search Engines", depending on if it is satire or anti-Islam or just presentation.  This should be fully sufficient to cover everything.

    At least strong Muslims would have to block all of the mentioned categories.  And they are free to do so.

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