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    Reviewing of the category descriptions, especially the older ones would probably be useful.

    As for alcohol abuse prevention that might better belong to a new category that expressed the broader topic of addiction, treatment, or prevention, but in all it's forms, not just alcohol.

    The problem with a category such as nudity, is, like you alluded, that it's a very subjective thing. Probably the only thing that can be done is provide a loose working definition from OpenDNS perspective.

    As for body piercing belong to sexuality, I would just assume that they meant erotic or sexual body piercing, which wouldn't necessarily entail genital piercing. Maybe it could be reworded to be less specific of named things, and just include the general description of sexuality in all it's flavors, apart from the general topic of LGBT unless it falls under those general criteria.

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    Patrick Colford


    Nudity is fairly straight forward in that there are images of naked people, or people without clothes. There is a difference between nudity and indecency however, where someone in Saudi Arabia might view a woman dressed in a skirt as immodest, we don't think it can be argued that she is nude, even by a conservative standard. Simply because some people believe that such a woman would be indecently dressed doesn't mean she is naked.

    Alcohol abuse prevention sites probably shouldn't be tagged as "Alcohol", which is intended to cover sites pertaining to alcohol use. If you're thinking of organizations such as AA, "Health and Fitness" might be a better classifier. is classified as such.

    Sexuality isn't meant to cover "fashionable" or traditionally acceptable piercings such as ear piercings. We probably need to work on the description of this category.

    We do appreciate the feedback though. Domain Tagging is 7 years old, and certainly has things to improve on it.

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