Area to Submit (tag) a Tablet/Phone APP so ODNS will also filter App content



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    OpenDNS is a DNS system. Meaning it only works with domain names, not content, not apps, not anything else. Quite simply DNS does not care where any traffic originates, be it from a browser, an app, or anything else, even FTP. All it knows is that something asked for a domain name, and then looks it up.

    What would you like to see, a separate category called "apps" that somehow blocks apps, or a duplicate of each category that is for apps. For example, porn and porn-apps? How exactly do you propose that these apps be added to a domain list? In all of your postings to these forums you seem to think that OpenDNS should somehow magically treat apps differently from anything else that originates DNS traffic.

    It's simply not possible. It may be more difficult to identify what domain or domains an app may use than the primary domain used by a website, but it can also be difficult to identify all of the other domains used by a website and most people don't realize the difference between a domain and a website or that most commercial websites use multiple domains. Quite simply, whether used by an app or a website, someone needs to identify a domain that they want to classify and then classify it. It doesn't matter whether that domain is used by a webpage or an app.

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