Custom filter by device MAC id


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    This cannot be done with the free home service since OpenDNS does not receive the MAC address, only the domain name to be looked up. OpenDNS knows nothing about the devices on your network, only the requests that are sent to it from your network.

    The features you ask for are all available in their various pay products. The last feature you requested, an administrative override is available in all of the pay products I've looked up. Specific device filtering is available in the Umbrella product line if you install an agent on the device to filtered, especially Umbrella Prosumer, which is intended for 1 to 5 users and requires all protected devices to have an agent (it does not protect entire networks). Once you are using one of those pay products and have the agent installed you have multiple options of how you want to handle and filter them, it doesn't have to be a one-size fits all solution let the (free) Home product is.

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