When a new category is created - it should be blocked by default


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    This is a very bad idea. Not everyone's needs are the same, and forcing something like this on everyone is likely to piss off far more users, paying customers or not, than it will please.

    OpenDNS has never automatically blocked any domains or categories (other than phishing, but that's a little different) for any users, including new users. Many users will justifiably be upset if OpenDNS suddenly forces category blocking on them that they do not want, especially since OpenDNS adds category very slowly and there is no way to predict what the next one will be.

    I understand how you think it might save you some effort if it's for a new category that you would want to have blocked, but what if it's for a new category that you don't want to block?

    A much better method would be to notify users (or administrators for some of the paid plans) when a new category is added so that they can make the decision for themselves whether or not they want to blacklist it. Alternatively, but less desirable, they could enable a function so that each accounts settings be could set (via opt-in, not opt-out) so that they choose to automatically block any new categories.

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