not allow to change the DNS server address from your connection settings


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    This not something that OpenDNS can do. OpenDNS can only handle respond to DNS lookup requests that it receives, it cannot control or modify how your computer and network operates.

    However, you can do this yourself. One of the most important steps is to remove administrator access on the computers and devices that people are using, and set them to "user" or "limited" account status. They'll be able to use the computer, but they won't be able to change how it operates, including changing settings like the DNS servers that are used.

    Another important step is to get a router that either intercepts and redirects all port 53 (DNS) internet traffic to the destination of your choice (in this case OpenDNS) or blocks all port 53 to all destinations but the one you choose (again it would be OpenDNS). Some consumer routers have this capability built in, but for many you will need to "flash" the router with 3rd party firmware such as DD-WRT or a variant of Tomato such as Toastman.

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