Add option to resolve custom domain with custom IP


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    OpenDNS is a recursive DNS service so it can't really provide the type of custom name resolution you want, especially to private IP addresses.

    However, the custom DNS server that you are using can still take advantage of OpenDNS. I don't know which software you are using so I can't give specific instructions, but what you need to do is point your DNS server's resolvers to the OpenDNS addresses. This way your DNS server handles internal requests (and does it much faster than OpenDNS could for you), but still leverages OpenDNS for domain filtering and all of their other services. You would still need to make sure that your IP address is still registered with your OpenDNS network, so you might need to run the Updater or something else that provides the same functionality.

    That's exactly how businesses with their own internal servers handle things, and conceptually it's no different than pointing your network devices to your router for DNS, with the router in turn pointed to OpenDNS. The only difference in this case is you could also do custom things with some domains.

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