Add a switch to change between automatically obtaining DNS server addresses and fixed (i.e. OpenDNS addresses)



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    Where do you want this "switch" to be implemented? It's hard to tell with no explanation of what you are talking about or asking for, but what is here sounds like you are describing something that would be implemented in your router software. If OpenDNS were to add a "switch" of some sort you'd already be using OpenDNS so I'm not sure what you'd be "switching" to.

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    Do you want to switch between DNS services on the router or on the computer?

    On a Windows computer: or (.NET 4) or

    On other devices: it fully depends on the device's capabilities...

    For sure, I cannot see that OpenDNS would provide such a switcher.  Why should they want to to switch to another DNS service than theirs???

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    Thanks, I'll explore those.
    And you're right, Why should OpenDNS want to to switch to another DNS service than theirs?

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