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    How do you think these things would be "integrated"? They are completely different services, there is no commonality between what they do, so OpenDNS would need to create two completely new product lines.

    Do you expect this also to be free, just like OpenDNS Home is?

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    As OpenDNS is part of Cisco, it as wide range of Product lines .
    While using major VPN's it is vulnerable to DNS leak. 

    That's why I said as integration of DNS & VPN along with data saving capabilities!!

    Commonality : I agree there is no common thing in it. But custom integration like VPN over DNS is possible  

    It is just an idea bank where you can express your ideas. There is nothing wrong in brainstorming & BTW I don't expect anything for free.

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    "Data Saver like VPN"

    How can a VPN reduce data volume?  With compression techniques or what?

    "While using major VPN's it is vulnerable to DNS leak."

    Is it?  Not that I knew...  If you configure it right, this is not an issue.  If  you configure something wrong, it can always be an issue.

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