White list an entire domain with an asterisks, www.domain.com/*


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    DNS (and therefore OpenDNS) doesn't know about "its links".  Therefore this idea does not make sense.  You have to do it yourself as follows.

    First of all, you would not whitelist or blacklist the subdomain www.msn.com which covers this only, but msn.com which covers this and all subdomains like www.msn.com, alerts.msn.com or app.msn.com.

    Secondly, whitelisting or blacklisting a domain includes everything on this domain, because DNS doesn't know about URLs, web pages, links or other objects anyway.  Therefore your idea is the wrong approach.  If something is still blocked, then it is under a different domain where content of this site is hosted on.  You had to look into your blocked domain stats at https://dashboard.opendns.com/stats/all/blockeddomains to see the affected domains.  (Too many?  Then you have irrational filtering!  Reduce it!)

    For example, see here how many domains are being used by only the main page of msn.com alone:

    You compare this list with your blocked domain stats to find out what domains need whitelisting.  Only those which are acturally blocked need unblocking or whitelisting.

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