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    Your first and third suggestion:

    "But I can't see it's tags that have already been determined... many people have submitted the domain or agreed it should be flagged for the particular category.

    You can, and this is there.  Click the notepad icon to the left of the domain name.  You get to a page where it shows all tagging and category details, a screen shot and even who as voted on it (but with intention not who voted what).  And this is also your review screen where you can vote or even tag with an additional category.  I don't think there can be more details than this:

    Your second suggestion:
    Well, this is clearly a duplicate of - you just need to vote on it instead of raising it from anew.

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    A little late but -- thanks for all the responses.

    re: second suggestion

    I voted 'yes.'  I'll try to search for other suggestions before posting.

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