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    "Does anyone know why Opendns has not added the youtube mobile apps to their video sharing category for easy unblocking/blocking ?"

    Yes, I know.  OpenDNS as DNS service can never ever block mobile apps, but domain names only.

    "Please can we add these to the video sharing category ?"

    These what?  In case you mean mobile apps - never!  In case you mean domain names, these may be already in the Video Sharing category.  If not, simply add them or vote on them in the domain tagging system.

    "Parentally speaking I would have thought being able to block youtube in your home was the most important feature ?"

    No, it isn't.  Why should it be?  The most important feature is the DNS service, resolving domain names to IP addresses etc. 
    Also, there are valued areas in YouTube especially for students and schools.  Why would one want to block such useful resources, parentally speaking?

    In case your mobile app (which one?) can access YouTube although you have Video Sharing or Youtube domains blocked, then this app may not access YouTube by domain names, but by IP addresses.  Using IP addresses doesn't go through OpenDNS, so OpenDNS cannot do anything for you.  You have to block the related IP address ranges on your router. 

    If this mobile app uses domain names to access YouTube, then you may not be using OpenDNS at all with it. 
    Test it from this device:

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    Oh no ! It's the inevitable angry bedroom guy, never seen in real life but here on the internet in their thousands. 

    Regular human beings please don't be put off.

    It's a widely discussed issue in this forum and on the wider internet that for some reason OpenDNS which is great, blocks regular via its Web Content Filtering page under the Video Sharing option but,,, have to be manually blacklisted to stop the Youtube app working on tablet computers so you can't toggle access to youtube on all your home devices using the Video Sharing option on the Web Content Filtering page 

    If you are trying to stop your 7 year old accessing youtube and all its very adult content then you have to keep manually re blacklisting the above domains which anyone with kids will know is not practical.

    Any reason why these domains can't be included under the video Sharing option on the Web Content Filtering page ?

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    "all its very adult content"

    Really?  I thought YouTube have a clear policy to not host adult only content and remove everything like that...

    "Any reason why these domains can't be included under the video Sharing option on the Web Content Filtering page ?"

    So, did you vote on them in the domain tagging system?  The reason may be that there are not enough "yes" votes to get to the moderator queue.  There are many votes, but these may not be "yes".  Best would be you open a support ticket with OpenDNS if you care.

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