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    I heard OpenDNS argumenting recently like this: blocking ad domains breaks more web pages than it helps for anything else.

    I.e. providing this feature would increase their support efforts significantly because of people complaining web pages not rendering correctly when using OpenDNS.  Not a promising perspective for them to introduce a feature like this.  Also, did you know that ad-blocking via a clould service even increases your network traffic volume for something you don't want to see anyway?  Especially because of this it is the right idea to block ads locally, not via a service in the cloud.  And it is easier to introduce exceptions to a local appliance.

    "it would be of great interest from many households already using your services!"

    Great interest - yes.  But also great frustration going furthe, for both, users and OpenDNS.

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    I respect your opinion but I don't agree with your perception of the facts... AdBlock has increased exponentially in all platforms, as it considerably REDUCES the load time and data used to open pages clean of unwanted content... One other thing is that OpenDNS can ALWAYS use exclusion list to allow the users to define sites they believe relevante to their needs.
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    @pcwow The adblocking you are referring to is locally installed ad blocking, which is what rotblitz is recommending. What rotblitz is referring to in the negative is *cloud based* adblocking, which are entirely different animals.

    Note, while one can easily whitelist the domain for a website on OpenDNS, it's much more difficult to do hat with the the domains associated with ads, some of which are important for a website to function properly because it's not always easy what is being (if it's even obvious that something is being blocked). With installed adblockers you can tell not only that something was blocked, but what was blocked.

    Also, if you make any changes to a hypothetical OpenDNS cloud blocking, if any changes are made to it, DNS caches still must be flushed in order for those changes to become apparent. That is not the case, and all adblockers I've worked with make their changes take place essentially immediately.

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    I am using the OpenDNS website blocking to block specific domains such as,,,,,, and about 10 others. I am surfing the net at normal speed with no noticible problem.
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    We are using "whitelist only"-mode in our company without any problems.

    As trickyt57 has already suggested there are indeed (some very popular)TLDs that you can block without breaking websites, and if OpenDNS would block only about 1000 of those that would be already good enough to protect your smart devices.

    I write "protect" because Malvertising is a problem and smart devices respectively their apps typically do not have adblockers.

    Granted, you should always use an adblocker extension for your browser if there is one.   


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