Block embedded Social Media Buttons on websites



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    OpenDNS cannot do anything to specifically block or modify the content on a webpage, including embedded social media buttons. As a DNS based service OpenDNS only receives DNS requests, it knows nothing about your overall internet activity, URL's, web sites, web pages, content, or buttons.

    However, since all of these buttons require referencing a domain to function, you can block them that way yourself. One possible way to block them would be by blocking the "Social Networking" category, or by directly adding the domains for the social networks you are concerned about, such as, directly to your blacklist.

    I have not look into the coding behind these buttons, so it's possible that they are using a different set of domains or subdomains, that are either not categorized yet, or not the "obvious" domain name, so you will need to do some research or experimentation to find the settings that work to your satisfaction.

    As for your characterization of social media buttons and the only things they can be used for, that's your own personal opinion that not everyone agrees with, which is why you can choose to have OpenDNS block domains by category or in your blacklist. It certainly is not a fact that everyone who likes or shares something that they see from a friend in social media is not an idiot. That is, and only can be your personal opinion. As such I feel discredited, attacked, disparaged, morally abused, and defamed by your characterization of me as an idiot since I do like and/or share social media posts that I see from my friends.

    This certainly is not the kind of thing that OpenDNS should impose on all of it's users just because you don't like social media buttons.

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    Add the following domains to your "always block" list:

    Facebook: and 
    Add This:

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    It's okay if OpenDNS doesn't implement it,. there are two(2) reasons why posted this into the Idea Bank. First I was testing on how fast this community will response on a user suggestion. Well I tested, and you respond, Thankyou mattwilson9090 for that.  Second I don't post that because of selfishness, I post that for everyone's sake if you think widely (I don't care if everyone doesn't like or agrees with it. it was only a suggestion). And there are several 3rd party apps like "AdBlock Plus" (I'm not promoting this name, its only for an example) extension in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and etc., that has a feature to block/remove those social media buttons before it was loaded.

    I only refer idiot to the person who share baseless and unreliable Information.

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