Use opendns with two internet connections?



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    Sure, you can use OpenDNS with as many internet connections as you want. Here are your options:

    • Configure a persistent route to route all DNS lookups and updates out over one gateway only.
    • Configure two OpenDNS networks, maybe with a second account, and configure two Updaters each dealing with a specific gateway only. This also may require configuring persistent routes. This would be the preferred option for load-balancing.
    • If it is about blocking "adult content" only, don't use the dashboard at all, i.e. delete your network there, but just configure the OpenDNS FamilyShield addresses only.
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    Thank you. I just put both opendns familyshield dns ips : and as the dns servers of brazilfw and now I can't see any porn. Well, I'm blocking that because here in mexico on a state there is a new law with max 5 years of prison if you are an internet coffe and you ""facilitate"" porn to underage people, that law Is way beyond $%&# .




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