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    This is a forum to discuss OpenDNS related topics, not to discuss OpenDNS users or other people.

    A moderator may please delete this thread.

    And Danna, if you have something personal to say to me, please send me an e-mail to [opendns dot rotblitz at xoxy dot net].

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    Don't be afraid to post your questions. But also do not be afraid to read the answers and follow through on troubleshooting and diagnostic suggestions and report back fully.

    There are things which you may interpret as rude from another user, but consider that this is text-only, and you may miss nuance that is not successfully conveyed in this medium. Also consider that rotblitz, in particular, is not a native English-speaker. Sometimes we'll tell someone that something is not an OpenDNS-related problem, or that you need to read a router manual or something else, rather than doing all the work for you. This isn't rude. Sometimes people want magic, and we regret to tell them that some network tool isn't going to fix all their problems, or do something outside its purpose.  Sometimes people want to argue facts, which will never be helpful. Sometimes people take corrections or requests to better state their question as an insult, but we need specifics and clarity in order to provide help.


    Certainly there are times when posters refuse to acknowledge or respond to diagnostic requests, etc. In such cases, just like in the rest of life outside this support forum, expect some frustration or a simple factual statement that one is not doing what we asked them to do. When a user continues to post as if a previous response (or portions thereof) did not exist, certainly some comment on this will be made.  (In rotblitz' case, this may be something like "you are apparently resistant to help" or similar, which is because, to all indications, it is a valid observation.)

    Rotblitz, specifically, is a highly-knowledgeable volunteer who has helped many, many people. If he says something, take the time to understand the information conveyed. I certainly do. I find his information and corrections very helpful.

    [Disclosure: I've been accused of being curt, snarky, etc. as well.]

    Whatever, post a question or problem if you please, and someone will try to answer or help you. Or, if you don't like the forum, open a support ticket. Best wishes!

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