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    Just reading:
    "Since I have live parental controls that came with the netgear and have it set up do I need to download the one on that page? It looks like the same one that came installed on the netgear WNR2000v4."

    Sorry, but how can a program which runs on a router also run on a computer?  Impossible!  No, there's a special firmware running on this router, the LPC firmware, and there are two different programs, the Management Utility and the User Utility, which can be installed and run on a computer. These are what you can download from the Netgear website. Maybe your router came with a DVD or CD, and the programs were contained there as well. No matter, and no idea.

    You need to install and run the Maintenance Utility just on one computer from where you configure some parts of your router, especially LPC related ones.

    You need to install the User Utility only on those computers where a special individual profile (bypass account) is to be used, based on computer user ID, i.e. on yours in your scenario. This is to use the formerly created so called bypass account.

    Find the step by step instructions for the two computer programs at the Netgear website http://netgear.com/lpc - tab "Installation Tutorial".

    And further settings can be configured at the LPC dashboard at http://netgear.opendns.com/

    Shouldn't be too difficult, right?

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